About us

Reviewlive.co.uk, a UK based company with the aim to provide honest reviews of the latest household products. A small group of experts form the backbone of the business. We are completely independent which allows us to be open and honest with every item we review.

What items do we review?

Our approach is slightly different to the major review websites. We typically review the items that are popular or recommended by our readers. Many tech sites have immediate access to the latest £3,000 TV’s units supplied by the manufacturers, but what about the lower budget models that are mass produced? This is where we step in.

How are we different to other review sites?

All of the reviews completed on our website are open and honest, without any financial input from the manufacturer. This is stated within the disclaimer at the bottom of each review, this means that our reviewers are given our full backing to written an honest review.

Who are our experts?

Finding people with previous experience in tech fields is no easy task, they are often very busy and in high demand. We have been lucky to gain a number of content writers who have agreed to give up their free time to contribute to the website.

Peter Francis

Peter Francis bio imagePeter is an electrical engineer and tech lover. Previous experience includes working on projects for major household brands including Dyson, SONY and Panasonic. We approached Peter for help with specific items that he would be able to apply his knowledge.

Generously using part of his spare time to complete his reviews and voice his opinions we hope you enjoy his contributions.

Jennifer Edwards

Jennifer Edwards bio imageJennifer Edwards works as a part time IT systems administrator. Having to look after her two children allows her the freedom to write about another one of her passions, gadgets and electricals. We are fortunate to have Jennifer write for ReviewLive and share her knowledge with our readers.


How to contact us?

Send any emails to:



If you would like to advertise on site, then please get in touch at the above email address and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We have a number of advertising packages available at very competitive rates.

Do we accept products for review?

Yes, if you would like one of our experts to review an item then please get in touch and we will be able to provide more details on when we will be able to review and add the product to our site.

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